Play 2048 Game Online

Who knew that after most amusing “Angry Birds”, addictive “Threes”, and a comical “Flappy Bird”, there’ll another most interesting 2048 game online that takes the internet by storm?
Yes, 2048, a new puzzle game that has the latest sensation in the addictive games.
2048 is a new popular single-player puzzle game for mobile and web. It is a type sliding block puzzle, most like to Threes, but instead of matching threes, here you match any of two tiles having the same numbers.
The game theme based the old-timey puzzle game, Klotsk, which was similar to a Sudoku-like grid? 2048 also involves math like a Sudoku. The 2048 game cool math is fascinating, I am damn sure, you’ll love it.
The main goal of 2048 is to combine all numbers that are displaying on tiles until it reaches 2048 before you run out of the room.
A 19-year-old Italian teenager and programmer, Gabriele Cirulli, built this exciting 2048 game. The game is web-based, and you can play via both mobile and web.
The moment you start playing 2048 games, trust me you’ll be hooked, it is very, very addictive!!

How does 2048 works?

Is it tough to play 2048 and understand its weird math?
No, not all, this is boring algebra math, you will need only a few seconds to understand the algorithm and get the hang of the gameplay, once you know, it’s boom!!
You will be a champ!!
2048 display with 4×4 grids. So when you start 2048, you’ll see two tiles on the grid, each tile shows the number either 2 or 4.
You can press the arrow keys of your keyboard to move these tiles around as well as generate new tiles that are also 2 or 4.
When two same value tiles collide each other, they connect to produce one higher tile, which displays the sum of both tiles.
The more you play around, the higher the tiles will get, and the board will become more crowded. Your ultimate goal is to reach 2048 before running out your room on board.

How to win in 2048 – tips and tricks 2020

Although the math behind this amusing game is very easy, the game 2048 itself needs a good strategy and bit challenging.
I have done it many time; I am addicted to this game; my girlfriend becomes crazy all the time when she plays and doesn’t reach to 2048.
You might be wondering how to reach 2048 as soon as possible because you don’t want to flip the tiles thousands of time. Let’s take a look at some working tips and tricks;

Understand the tiles moves;

In 2048 game you have only four movements up-down and left-right. Every time you flip, the tiles move its position. The tiles only display 2 or 4 numbers, and when combining each other, the number becomes higher, equal to the sum of those two tiles.
So it is better to practice enough to understand the tiles move, the more you know the 2048 algorithm, the more are chances you reach 2048 quickly.

Don’t go after large tiles

It might be hard to resist temptation and goes after large tiles on the board to combine them. It most often puts you in very tough situation, so prefer to combining with smaller numbered tiles and play with strategy.

Try to stay at the corner

It is better to move the tiles at corners and ensure that you have enough board to bring new tiles. People, who group the tiles into the corner, claim to reach 2048 soon.
Try to bring new tiles in the middle and then swipe the in to corner to combine with others.

Think before making a move

Sometimes you can’t guess what could be the best move, don’t give up if you didn’t make a good move. 2048 offers you so many opportunities to recoup from your bad move, as long as you have an empty room on board.
If you are confused what the best move is, think again where cards on game board are, and whether or not it needs to be changed before thinking about new cards.

Go after tiles that merge with multiple tiles

You’ll have a chance many times to combine multiple tiles, try to make these move fists.
Take it this way, the more you keep free space on the board, the better the opportunity you bring new cards.
With a single move, you only replace the card you stacked with a new one. While with multiple card, you do not only bring one card but also getting rid of more cards on the board.